Ironworkers assemble, hoist, repair and service steel framework and other metals and materials used in buildings, bridges, highways, dams and other structures. They can manufacture refabricated construction components and buildings, and custom-fabricate fine wrought-iron architectural ornamentation.


  • Position and secure steel bars or metal mesh in concrete forms to reinforce concrete structures
  • Erect and install scaffolding, falsework and other working platforms
  • Signal crane operators to position units according to blueprints
  • Align, weld or bolt units in place
  • Dismantle metal, pre-cast concrete or laminated timber buildings and other structures
  • Inspect or test structures and equipment for deterioration, defects or failure to comply with specifications or regulations
  • Unload and position steel units so each piece can be hoisted as needed

What You’ll Need

Entrance Requirements

Apprenticeship Program:

3 years, includes technical training, on-the-job training and exam. Journeyperson certificate awarded after successful completion. As an apprentice, you also earn while you learn.

Key Skills & Attributes

(technical training and on the job)

  • Strong communication, problem-solving and planning skills
  • Reading and numeracy
  • Experience using precision tools & machinery
  • Ability to work in high places
  • Ability to work outdoors in diverse weather
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment

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Hourly Pay

$27 – $35/hr

Projected Construction Worker Retirements

~8,100 by 2029*

*BuildForce Canada

You have experience using tools & machinery.

You can visualize finished products.

You are comfortable working at heights and in diverse weather.

Did You Know?

Ironworking is a multi-faceted career and involves more than constructing buildings and bridges. Most ironworkers do more than one type of ironwork and each requires specific skills.