Teamsters are involved in the transportation of materials across a wide variety of industries. Transport truck drivers operate heavy trucks via urban, interurban, provincial and international routes. They are employed by transportation, manufacturing, distribution and moving companies, and trucking employment service agencies, or they may be self-employed.


  • Operate and drive straight or articulated trucks and lighter, special purpose trucks
  • Plan routes and meet delivery schedules
  • Navigate trucks into loading or unloading positions
  • Perform preventive maintenance, trip inspections and emergency roadside repairs
  • Record cargo information, service hours, distance travelled and fuel consumption
  • Comply with truck driving regulations (size, weight, route designations) and company policies and procedures

What You’ll Need

Entrance Requirements

Completion of a 3-month accredited driver
training course through a vocational school
or community college, may be required.

Additional Specialized Certifications:
■ Class 3 or D licence
(to drive straight-body trucks)
■ Class 1 or A licence
(to drive long combination vehicles)
■ Air brake endorsement (Z)
(to drive vehicles equipped with air brakes)
■ TDG Certification
(to transport hazardous products or dangerous goods)
■ Additional licensing endorsements
(to drive articulated trucks)

Key Skills & Attributes

(technical training and on the job)

  • Communication skills, reading and numeracy skills
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Experience using digital technology (tracking and online software)
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment
  • Ability to drive for long periods of time
  • Patience, alertness and awareness

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Hourly Pay

$14 – $30/hr

Projected Construction Worker Retirements

~8,100 by 2029*

*BuildForce Canada

You are reliable.

You are self motivated.

You enjoy working independently.

Did You Know?

The trucking industry handles much more cargo than trains, ships or planes. Businesses of all sizes depend on the trucking industry for the fast and safe delivery of products across the country.